"Dry Mouths?" aint no such thing.
There are only long hairs and short hairs.
Anyone telling you otherwise is either
lying or ignorant.

Lixit. Lixits are a self watering attachment
for your outdoor hose bib. This lets your dog
have fresh water at all times so he isn't
drinking from a bucket full of spit.

All the spit, drool and damage you
saw in the Beethoven movies can happen!
If you're gonna own a Saint, plan for
it and be happy if it doesn't happen.

These are NOT guard dogs!
Don't want to hear about the one you knew
when you were a kid. That was then, this
is now. A big, nasty Saint Bernard guard
dog is a lawsuit waiting to happen and
a huge liability. They are very big
dogs and can do a lot of damage.

These are very intelligent, loving dogs
that need to be a family member. They
don't do well as a locked out, backyard
dog. If you can't make that commitment,
this isn't the dog for you.

Obedience!! You gotta take your dog
to obedience classes for at least 10
weeks or two courses. They need
socialization with other dogs so yours
isn't the one trying to eat your
neighbor's dog on first sight. If you
don't take the courses with your dog
when he's 165 lb, 11 month old puppy
that doesn't know "Sit" or "Stay",
you're gonna go for a ride! He's
stronger than you are!
If you don't do the training, he's
not a bad dog, you are a bad owner!
If you won't commit to the training,
don't buy any dog! Much too often,
uncontrollable, young dogs end up
in Rescue. It's a fact.
A well trained dog is something to
be proud of and he won't be a pain
in the butt like your neighbor's dog is.

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Dysplasia. Not all Saints have it. If the
breeder says they don't have dysplasia in
their lines, they are either lying or have
not been at it long enough. Every breed
recognized by the AKC, except for Borzoi
have documented cases of dysplasia. That
means Toy Poodles as well as Great Danes.
Ask about guarantees when purchasing a puppy.